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Puppet Stayman - by Mike Savage - ACBL Unit 559.

Playing both of these versions of Puppet Stayman, the downside is you may miss 4-4 heart fits when responder has five spades and four hearts. The advantage of playing this newer version of Puppet Stayman is that the big hand does not disclose if it has a 4-card major, unless there is. Puppet Stayman. September 4, 2018 ACBL Staff Tips & Tools. BEGINNER TIP ACBL’s Commonly Used Conventions series. Read more. Bidding Gadgetry. September 4, 2018 Frank Stewart Syndicated Columnists. SYNDICATED COLUMNIST Frank Stewart’s Daily Bridge Club. Read more. With Trumps or. Muppet Stayman. 3 asks partner to descibe their hand. 3 shows at least one 4 card major. If Responder was looking for a 4 - 4 fit they now bid the major they do not have or bid 4 to tell partner to pick the major.

2NT 20/21 hcp. Can have any 5 card suit. 3!C is PS. 3!D says one or both Majors. 3!H!S says 5 card in that M. 3NT says no 4 or 5 card M. 2NT 3!D 3!H are transfers to !H and !S. 3!S is transfer to 4!C weak. 3NT is to 4!D weak. As of now we don't have a system to find opener's minor to reach a slam. And also don't want to disturb the system. These descriptions are from the ACBL Bridge Bulletin series called the Bidding Toolkit. The ACBL textbooks Commonly Used Conventions and More Commonly Used Conventions contain detailed chapters on the use of many of today’s popular treatments. In addition, there are many websites that summarize bridge conventions.

Kit then kind of pontificated that once you were bidding puppet, it was kind of free for opener to bid a FIVE card major if he had one the cost is that in order to get out in diamonds, you are a level higher. This works great when responder was bidding Stayman with 4-3 in the majors and interest in a 5-3 fit. 17/03/2011 · Puppet Stayman over 2NT doesn't quite work when responder has 5 spades & 4 hearts. One "solution" is to use a direct 3 ♠ to show this hand, but most seem to think 3 ♠ is better as a minors or perhaps a transfer. Anyway, bidding 3 ♠ to show that one. A: Actually, this is why I don’t like Puppet over 2NT. There is no way to handle 5-4 in the majors. 2SA et PUPPET STAYMAN On ouvrira de 2Sa les mains régulières de 20-21H comportant éventuellement une majeure par 5. Afin de retrouver un Fit 4-4 ou 5-3 majeur il convient de pratiquer le 3 ♣ Puppet Stayman dès que l’on possède une majeure par 3 ou 4 bien entendu. In this case, puppet has lost because the defenders will know opener has a 5 card major rather than 4-5. The gains from 1 and 2 will be much more common than the losses from 3. So, one reason to play 3 puppet is that it gives away less information than on hands you would normally be forced to bid stayman.

Stayman is a bidding convention in the card game contract bridge. It is used by a partnership to find a 4-4 or 5-3 trump fit in a major suit after making a one notrump 1NT opening bid and it has been adapted for use after a 2NT opening, a 1NT overcall, and many other natural notrump bids. Garbage Stayman is a rare but fun little variation of the Stayman convention. After a 1NT opening by partner, a 2 response shows a weak 3-suited hand that's short in clubs. Playing a strong 15-17 1NT, Garbage Stayman shows 0-7 points. The ideal distribution is 4-4-4.

Who killed Puppet Stayman? - Bridge Winners.

so precisely. Puppet Stayman is designed to find a fit with opener’s four- or five-card major. After each of the following openings, a 3♣ bid is game-forcing Puppet Stayman: •Over 2N, or •Over a 2N rebid after a strong 2♣ opener, or •Over 1N separate partnership agreement re-quired. Puppet Stayman is game forcing because, lacking a. Source: ACBL. Puppet Stayman is a specialized version of regular Stayman that is popularly used in response to a 2NT opening bid. Beginning an auction with 2NT has pluses and minuses. In the plus column, opener gets to convey her strength for the purpose of this column.

Commonly Used Conventions American Contract.

Puppet Stayman auf eine 2NT 20-22hcp Eröffnung. Die Konvention Puppet Stayman fragt mit 3 nach einer 4er oder 5er Oberfarbe beim 2NT-Eröffner. Stayman Convention - One of the most popular conventions used by Bridge players, using a 2C response to partner's 1 Notrump or 2 Notrump opening bid to locate a major suit fit. Sam Stayman's tournament partner George Rapee introduced the artificial 2. = Not part of Puppet Stayman and needs partnership agreement. It could be used for either of these: 1. Minor Suit Stayman – asking if opener has a four-card minor. 2. Artificial relay to 3NT in order to next show a one-suited minor hand with slam interest. patomike@.

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